4th International Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and Smart Energy
(ICAIS 2024)

22-23, March 2024 — Coimbatore, India

Online Event


Submission Guidelines for ICAIS 2024

Please read our author guidelines carefully before submitting your paper

Authors must prepare their papers using our Microsoft Word or LaTeX2e templates, and then convert these to PDF format for submission:

Microsoft Word Template: click here
LaTeX Zip File: click here

It is important to ensure that when you submit your paper, it is in the correct format, and has been thoroughly proofread. Papers not in the appropriate paper and format will not be forwarded to the review process, so please ensure that your paper has been checked for errors.

As a general rule we would advise that an author does not submit more than two articles to ICAIS 2024 conference. This includes papers that the same author has co-authored.

Paper format
  • The paper size should be standard A4.
  • No page numbers, headers or footers should be included within the paper.
  • Text is single spaced, not double spaced.
  • All pages are portrait (landscape pages should be rotated).
  • Paper layout should be given in single column
Paper content
  • The paper includes the author name(s) and affiliation(s) (full address including country and Email Address).
  • All articles must contain an abstract (limited to 250 words).
  • All figures and tables should be numbered in numerical order. Please ensure that figure/table numbers are not duplicated or missed.
  • Figures are legible and placed within the text.
  • Section headings should be numbered, ensure that they are numbered numerically, and no numbers are duplicated or missing.
  • Displayed equations should follow a naming convention in numerical order, i.e. (1), (2), (3) etc.
  • Reference style should be same for all the references.
  • Ensure that all references are cited in the text and that all citations have a corresponding reference.
  • Finally, please ensure that the paper is thoroughly proofread to check the standard of English and ensure wording is clear and concise.
Conversion to PDF

The PDF file should be editable and not password protected.

The PDF is free of formatting errors (e.g. corrupt equations, missing or poor-resolution figures), since conversion from Word to PDF can introduce formatting errors.

There are no blank pages added in the first or last.

References mentioned in the conference papers should include:

Author(s); Title of the paper; Year of publication; Journal/conference name

Follow the MLA, APA, Chicago Style Formatting (This type of formatting is available in Google Scholar)

Figures published on the internet are usually copyrighted and will require permission for re-use, unless the author/owner has made explicit that the image is freely available. If there is an image that you find and would like to use, always check the source and whether or not you need to ask for permission to reuse it. If you cannot find this information, it’s best to look for a different image, as we will not be able to republish it. If an image requires credit for re-use, that can be included in your figure caption as a citation and the information should be mentioned in references.
The final prepared paper should be submitted via Email to conf.icaisee@gmail.com indicating the Email Subject as “New Manuscript Submission”.
EasyChair: click here
If you need to contact us about any queries related submission, please send us an email to conf.icaisee@gmail.com